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Mary Lanning Healthcare offers a wide variety of Lifeline unit choices to accommodate many customers.

Lifeline HomeSafeHomeSafe Standard or with AutoAlert

We have the basic Lifeline which operates with a landline or through a wireless unit. These are offered with a basic button which requires the user to push the button it can also be used with the auto alert button which goes off automatically when a person has an abrupt fall. This button can also be pushed by the user in cases of slower falls that are not detected due to the slow movement. These choices are useful in and around the home that they are installed in.

Lifeline GoSafeGoSafe

When a user or subscriber still has a great deal of mobility and is away from their home a great deal we suggest the Go Safe. It has GPS capabilities and will literally work anywhere that a cell phone would work. We have the Go Safe with GPS capabilities for both landlines and wireless units.


We also offer pillow buttons for users who cannot push buttons, voice extenders to be used in larger homes, and a lock box to keep keys outside of the home for easy entry and faster rescue.