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Tuition & Housing

Tuition for the program is payable upon admission. The tuition is comparable with programs throughout the state. For information on the tuition, refund policy, and financial aid, contact the Program Director.

Students are responsible for their own housing, meals, books, uniforms, etc.

Refund Policy

Full tuition refund will be made for the term if the student withdraws or discontinues the program within two weeks after the beginning of the academic term. No refund will be made for purchased books or supplies. Students who withdraw from the program during the tuition refund period may have to repay all or a portion of any outside financial aid they received. Students who receive Title IV funds will be subject to the Higher Education Reauthorization Act of 1998. Details are available through the University of Nebraska financial aid office.

Students who withdraw from the program after two weeks in the academic term are responsible for the payment of the tuition balance due.

A hold will be placed on your student account until all financial obligations have been met. A hold on your student account will result in holds on your diploma and notification to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) regarding completion of the program.

The Mary Lanning Healthcare Accounting Department is responsible for billing and collection of tuition. Bills are sent out twice yearly, in September and January. Students have sixty (60) days to make the payment. A late fee of $50.00 is added each month for any outstanding balance. Payment should be made in the form of check, money order or credit card. If a credit card is used, the student must make the payment in the Department of Education.

Any tuition due upon voluntary or mandatory dismissal from the program will be payable to Mary Lanning Healthcare and a payment schedule will be established.

Tuition (2018-2019)

Resident/Non-resident $11,600.00 total ($5,800.00 per year)*

Registration fee $150 total

Fees $800 total ($400/year)

Books, tools, equipment $1,400*

Special topics UNK $437.50 (87.50 per semester)*

Hepatitis B Vaccine with Antibody Check $150


To be arranged by student

* Cost may be subject to change.