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Newborn Services

Mother with newbornMary Lanning Healthcare goes the extra mile to help newborns gain a healthy start on life. From the moment the baby draws his or her first breath to the moment he or she is discharged with mom, the caring and dedicated staff of the Rolls Family Care Center do all they can to promote the health and safety of mother and child.

The Rolls Family Care Center has a Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for early deliveries and five well-equipped, private neonatal intensive care rooms. Nurses are specially trained to monitor and care for normal, intermediate and intensive care newborns.

Baby’s First Hearing Screening

While most babies can hear well at birth, a few do not. Mary Lanning Healthcare screens every baby for hearing loss before they leave the hospital. This is important to determine as soon as possible as it is easier to help babies with hearing loss learn and develop.

The screening process is safe, painless and takes less than 10 minutes. In fact, most babies sleep through the procedure! Results are determined before the baby leaves the hospital and are forwarded to your primary physician.

Some babies may need to be re-screened due to fluid in the ear or noise in the test room. This is not unusual and most babies re-tested are found to have normal hearing.

If you have questions about your baby’s hearing, talk with your baby’s health professional or call:
Nebraska Early Hearing Detection & Intervention
1-888-545-0935 or 402-471-6770

If your baby does not pass the test, you may contact:
Early Development Network in Nebraska 

Hugs Infant Protection Security System

The Hugs Infant Protection System keeps your infant safe by preventing newborns from being removed from Rolls Family Care Center without authorization. Every infant wears a Hugs tag on the ankle, and every exit point of the obstetrics unit is electronically monitored to detect the tags. This means staff and family can move infants freely within the Rolls Family Centered Care Unit, but no one can remove an infant without the system alerting hospital staff.

Educational Opportunities During the Hospital Stay

Visits from families and friends are welcome, but the 48 hours that most mothers and babies spend at Mary Lanning Healthcare are best devoted to rest and education.

Moms and dads can learn about baby care, feeding, infant safety, growth and development. Certified lactation consultants also work with interested mothers on a one-on-one basis.

Discharge Oxygen Screening

Before a baby is discharged from the hospital, his or her blood is screened to make sure the oxygen saturation levels are healthy.

Car Seat Fitting and Inspection

Mary Lanning Healthcare will not allow any baby to leave the hospital without a safe car seat. Parents are requested to bring their own infant car seats and we will inspect it to make sure it meets safety standards. We will also assist in making sure the car seat is properly fitted to the baby. If it is not possible to provide your own infant car seat, we will assist in helping parents find one.