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Post-Operative Recovery

You remain in the recovery area for about one hour, or as long as it takes for you to awaken and your vital signs to stabilize.

Your heart, blood pressure and oxygen levels are monitored. You may receive oxygen. You are reminded to breathe deeply and cough frequently. To reduce swelling and decrease pain, you may have an ice pack on your operative site.

Once you are awake enough to leave the recovery area, you are taken to your inpatient room or to the Phase II outpatient area. Your family may join you at this time.

Your nurse continues care similar to that in the recovery area. She/he monitors your blood pressure, pulse and respirations.

The nurse frequently asks you to cough and breathe deeply to prevent pneumonia and to rid your body of the remaining anesthesia. Your circulation is monitored, your bandages are checked, and you are asked about your pain on a regular basis. Your nurse helps you change position to prevent complications and to keep you comfortable.