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Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

Whether you are recovering from an injury or illness, our 11-bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (IRU), located on the 3th Floor of Mary Lanning Healthcare, treats patients with decreased physical function or mobility.

We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapies in a comfortable, inpatient setting. Our rehabilitation services are based on a team approach with individualized treatment plans to achieve optimum results.

Our Medical Director, a physician of physical and rehabilitation medicine, who specializes in treating a variety of disabilities, leads the Inpatient Rehabilitation team and ensures the delivery of quality patient care. Weekly team meetings with our staff, patients and families ensure that everyone is kept informed of patient care, progress and goals.

Our Mission

Every aspect of the IRU has been specially designed for rehabilitation. Patients enjoy spacious, private rooms, along with a community dining room for socialization and recreational therapy.

The gymnasium, located on the same floor, is designed for physical therapy and occupational therapy. There you will find the latest technology and state-of-the art equipment, like the ZeroG Gait and Balance Training system. The ZeroG is designed to help patients who need body-weight support and fall protection while working on balance, walking and coordination.

In addition, the IRU features activities of daily living (ADL) that simulate a home environment. This home environment is complete with a full kitchen, dining area and laundry allowing patients to practice their newly learned skills. Social dining is encouraged daily. Nursing staff or therapists supervise meals and help with feeding and swallowing issues, if needed.

Our care doesn’t stop after you leave. If needed, patients will receive a home safety evaluation where specially trained staff will evaluate and suggest improvements needed in the home to provide a safer and more accessible home environment.

Most people are able to recover from or live with disabling physical and neurological conditions. At Mary Lanning IRU, we strive to rehabilitate people to be as independent as possible, with the goal of returning him or her safely to their homes.

Our Team

In addition to our Medical Director, our team includes:

  • Physical Therapist
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Recreational Therapist
  • Program Director
  • Rehabilitation Nurses (many who are certified)
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Social Worker
  • Case Coordinator
  • Pharmacist
  • Dietician
  • Family and Friends


The events that bring patients to the Mary Lanning Healthcare Inpatient Rehabiliation Unit are life-changing.

We work closely with patients to help them regain as much of their everyday life as possible and resume functional daily living. Home-like activities are incorporated into the therapy day. Family or loved ones are encouraged to be with the patient as much as they would like or are able.

Patients work hard but the extra effort is rewarding. The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit staff keeps patients focused on their recovery goals. The goal for each person cared for on the unit is to return to their lives. The staff works diligently to help make that goal a reality.

We respect that each person is unique. Our specially-trained team individualizes each patient's care, taking into consideration that everyone has different needs and progresses at a different pace.

At Mary Lanning Healthcare, we are dedicated to helping patients move past the challenges before them and regain their lives, work, family, active retirement, or independent living.

Our Policy

Billing for the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is the same as any other hospital stay, with services typically meeting co-pay or deductible requirements. Our comprehensive screening process ensures that our Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is a good fit for every patient. If we are unable to admit an individual, we will suggest appropriate alternatives.

Family & Friends are Welcome

We welcome family and friends to stop by and visit their loved ones. We invite family and friends to attending therapy sessions with the patient, if they desire. It is helpful for these visitors to see the progress the patient has made and empowers them to be better prepared for when the patients are dismissed. There is no evening therapy, so visits during that time are uninterrupted.

Inpatient Rehab Unit (IRU) vs. Transitional Care Unit (TCU)



Admission can be from anywhere – doctor office, home, ER, nursing home, etc.

Admission requires a 3 day hospital stay

Average length of stay: 14 days

Average length of stay: 7 days

Most common diagnosis: neurological (CVA’s), fractures, medically complex

Most common diagnosis: total joints, neurological

Therapy coverage: intense level – minimum 3 hours per day and at least 2 out of 3 disciplines involved (PT,OT,ST)

Therapy given at less intense level, only 1 discipline must be involved (can work with PT,OT,ST)

Nursing coverage: requires RN 24 hours/day

Nursing requires RN 8 hours/day – although our unit provides RN coverage above this minimum – usually 24 hours/day

Physician Coverage: 24 hour availability of physician required, physician visits required at least every 2-3 days

Physician visits as necessary – requirement is 1 visit per month

Medical Director: Dr. Subramaniam Parameshwaran, MD (Physiatrist – a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation)

Medical Director: Dr. Fred Catlett, MD (Family Practice Physician)

Opened in 2007, currently an 12 bed unit

Opened in 1995, currently a 8 bed unit

IRU and TCU similarities

  • Both units utilize the FIM (Functional Independence Measure) to measure progress.

  • The screening process determines which unit is appropriate utilizing input from social work, physicians, and patient/family needs.

  • Although Medicare is the primary payer for both units – about 90%, both units accept all insurance types.

  • Both units have an “open admission” referral process – any physician with privileges at MLH can admit.

  • Both units utilize a team approach and have weekly team conferences. Team members: Medical Director, Unit Director, Nursing, PT, OT, SLP, Social Work, Case Coordinator, Recreational Therapy.

  • Program goals are to assist patients in returning to their highest level of independence and to be discharged to their destination of choice. These goals can be accomplished by patients completing their own daily cares and toileting, attending therapy sessions, eating meals in the dining room, all while wearing casual clothing. Therapy and nursing services will assist with achievement of these goals.

For More Information

If you have questions or would like to make a referral, please call the Case Coordinator at 402-461-5019.