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Arriving at the Hospital/Pre-Operative Procedures

A friend or family member may drop you off at the double-door entrance to the Surgery Center.

Please arrive 1 to 1½ hours before the scheduled start of your surgery. This is important to allow adequate time to prepare you for surgery.

Report to the Surgery Receptionist at the desk directly inside the entrance.

A staff member will escort you and an immediate family member from the Waiting Area to the Pre-Operative Area.

Our staff will:

  • Weigh you
  • Take your blood pressure, pulse and temperature (vital signs)
  • Have you change into a hospital gown and non-skid slippers
  • Apply a heart monitor and oximeter to check your heart and oxygen level. An IV (intravenous line) is started in your hand or forearm. The IV provides a special water solution to replace the fluid you have not been allowed to drink since midnight.
  • Prepare the surgical site for the surgery, including cleansing it with an antibacterial agent.
  • Review your medical history and current medications.

After you are prepared for surgery, your family member may wait with you until you are taken to surgery.

There is a planned surgical time schedule; however, there may be delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

The operating room is very cold. Warm blankets are available if you need them.

When you are taken to the operating room, family members will be escorted to the Waiting Area. If your family members choose to leave the Waiting Area briefly, they should check in with the Surgical Receptionist. Please provide a phone number if at all possible.

The surgeon will visit with the family members in the Waiting Area after completing your surgery. The Surgical Receptionist also tells your family members when you are leaving the recovery area, and the room number where you will be taken.