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Home Health Services

We can help individuals of every age with:

  • Chronic and long-term health care 
  • Recovery from an illness or surgery

Your visiting nurse:

  • Instructs and assists you with the treatment of your acute, chronic or life-limiting illness. 
  • Provides skilled nursing techniques such as dressing changes, injections, catheter changes or tracheostomy care. 
  • Assesses and evaluates your progress, keeping your physician informed every step of the way. 
  • Coordinates the services of your healthcare team. 
  • Administers your IV therapy including antibiotics, chemotherapy, pain management and hydration, as ordered by your physician.

Your physical therapist:

  • Develops and implements treatment based upon your individual needs. 
  • Teaches you and your family rehabilitation techniques. 
  • Instructs you in the use of specialized equipment.

Your occupational therapist:

  • Provides evaluation and training in your activities of daily living and homemaking skills. 
  • Instructs you in the use of specialized equipment.

Your speech therapist:

  • Identifies the nature of your speech problem and creates an individualized plan for your therapy. 
  • Works to improve your communication skills.

Your home health aide:

  • Assists with your personal care, bathing and supervised exercise programs. 
  • Helps you and your family maintain a safe and healthy environment. 
  • Is directly supervised by a Registered Nurse.

Your medical social worker:

  • Offers counseling services for any personal and family problems related to your healthcare. 
  • Offers patient advocacy and refers you and your family to the appropriate community resources to help you with food, medications or housing, if you need assistance. 
  • Assists home health personnel and other professional workers in the provision of your care through consultation.


Many Home Health Services are covered by Medicare and Medicaid, as well as private insurance plans. Our staff will handle the claims and insurance forms for you.

Someone always cares.

If you need home care, select Mary Lanning Healthcare's Home Health Services. You have the right to choose your home care provider.

Call 402-461-5161.