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Hospitalist Services

The hospitalist service role in your healthcare

Hospitalist ServicesHospitalists provide inpatient care management for adults. Because hospital medicine happens 24 hours per day, seven days per week, a team of healthcare providers with training and experience in hospital medicine will see patients. Generally, a team leader works in three- to four-day rotations, sometimes longer. In addition to physicians and medical providers, the hospitalist service team also includes your nurse, social worker and pharmacist. A case manager, assigned specifically to you and your family, guides the discharge plan from the moment of your admission.

All team members will get to know you as your healing process unfolds. Team members collaborate with you and your family and welcome your questions.

Often, and particularly in a short stay at Mary Lanning Healthcare, you will see only a single hospitalist. If your stay extends to several days, one or more of the Mary Lanning hospitalist healthcare providers may care for you.

Your primary healthcare provider is welcome to see you during your stay. The hospitalist healthcare providers at Mary Lanning will discuss your care with your primary provider at regular intervals and in the event of a significant change in your condition. A summary of your hospital stay will be sent directly to your primary provider.

The service can provide:

  • Immediate hospitalist availability during your stay at Mary Lanning Healthcare: Your hospitalist team will see you personally shortly after your arrival.
  • Increased efficiency in the delivery of healthcare: Your hospitalist team will see you more than once a day, checking in to assure treatments and medications are provided as ordered with the desired results.
  • Greater availability: Our hospitalist service team is able to spend more time with you and your family to discuss healthcare circumstances and address questions.
  • Improved efficiency and thoroughness of discharge: The hospitalist service team members will collaborate with you, your family and your primary physician/medical provider regarding the details of your discharge plan. We will take time to explain medication changes, anticipated home treatments or therapy and the scheduling of post-hospital follow-up appointments and testing. In addition, the team will see that your discharge paperwork is waiting at your primary healthcare provider’s office when you arrive for your first post-discharge visit.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you during your stay at Mary Lanning Healthcare!