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Airo - Mobile Intraoperative CTAn innovative piece of surgical technology is now being used at Mary Lanning Healthcare for the new neurosurgery program.

Neurosurgeon Scott Bell, MD, PhD, MPH, came to MLH in August 2017, opening Inspired Brain & Spine Surgery. Now, MLH and Dr. Bell have partnered to offer the Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT, developed by Mobius Imaging and distributed by Brainlab. Airo provides diagnostic-quality images. It is designed for use in the operating room, giving surgeons up-to-date anatomical information during surgery, allowing for timely and informed decision-making.

The equipment features a large opening but a small system footprint, so it fits through standard doors and allows for flexibility of patient positioning.

Dr. Bell, a Nebraska native who attended Hastings College, has several years experience in the neurosurgery field. The new equipment gives him an edge in helping patients with safe and precise brain and spine surgical procedures.

Airo connects to the facility’s Curve™ Image-Guided Surgery system, a GPS-like navigation system for the human body. With automatic patient registration to the newly acquired CT images, Curve correlates patient-specific anatomy with the spatial position of the physician’s surgical instruments.“

With this technology, we can rely on real-time, intraoperative information,” Dr. Bell said. “This is a great benefit, enabling us to confirm if we have achieved the objective of the procedure. While still in surgery, we can acquire diagnostic-quality post-operative images to verify results.”