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Our Services

Dr. Daniel Brailita is a qualified infectious disease specialist who sees patients both in the hospital and in the office. Some of the services that he provides, along with Kimberly Doht, APRN - NPC are:

Dr. Brailita examines a patient

Chronic disease management

Treatment of chronic disease with ongoing treatment needs such as Hepatitis, HIV and AIDS

Wound care

Wound care for wounds that are difficult to heal due to MRSA or other antibiotic resistant bacteria

Travel Clinic

A Travel Clinic is specialized clinic that provides preventative medical care, such as vaccinations to international travelers.

Dr. Daniel Brailita, an experienced Infectious Disease Specialist will review your travel itinerary, your planned activities, your health and your immunization history. He will then make recommendations about what immunizations and prophylaxis are required and recommended based on recommendations from the CDC. Prophylaxis may include antibiotics or malaria prophylaxis. Because some vaccines are given in a series that takes several days or weeks to complete, you should schedule your visit with the Travel Clinic at least 4 to 6 weeks before traveling so that your vaccinations have time to become effective.

While some vaccines are considered by the CDC to be routine or recommended, you may also be required to receive the yellow fever vaccine which requires a certificate to be issued by an authorized yellow fever vaccination clinic, such as Central Nebraska Infectious Disease Clinic.

Once the immunizations are administered, you will be provided a document to present to Customs/Immigration officials, including a Yellow Fever Certificate if applicable.

You need to advise your provider if you are pregnant, breast feeding or if you have an altered immune system from illness or infection. These conditions may alter the recommendations for your immunizations.

Outpatient IV antibiotics

For difficult infections, as recommended by your primary care provider and by your infectious disease provider.