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Tobacco Education Group

The Tobacco Education Group (TEG) is a voluntary program/positive suspension alternative for those caught with tobacco on school property or at school-sponsored activities.

TEG also serves as a court-diversion program and alternative to fines/penalties for youth who violate state and local laws on the purchase and use of tobacco by minors.

The program includes eight, 45 to 50 minute sessions involving lectures, videos, demonstrations, discussions and strategies. Optional sessions allow facilitators flexibility to customize the program accordingly.

TEG motivates adolescents to take steps to stop using tobacco. Both smoking and spit tobacco are discussed. Participants are encouraged to share the information learned with friends and family.

Program goals

  • Provide basic information on the processes/effects of tobacco use.
  • Provide a positive alternative to suspension from school or court diversion programs.
  • Motivate participants to adopt healthier lifestyles.
  • Motivate participants to join an ongoing cessation group, such as the Tobacco Awareness Program.
  • Encourage participants to assess their own patterns of use and consider the consequences of these patterns.


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